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We help clients find great deals on real estate properties, then walk them through the process of getting them finacnced and managing the building process.If you are looking for a real estate properties but you dont know where to start from. Our Land Investment Offers is aimed at encouraging Land acquisition for wealth creation, secured future economy and generational wealth transfer. we strongly believe that no matter the purpose for which you are acquiring land, it is an investment and an instrument to create and multiply wealth, secure your economic future and a means to turn your family fortune around.

Knowing fully well the challenges that follows land acquisition in Nigeria, we have had to step-in in order to make it quite easy for our investors and buyers to acquire lands without any reason to loose sleep at any moment by introducing Veeki Estate And Properties Limited.

Veeki Estate And Properties Limited. is about a national real estate project that provides opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in Lands, Housing, Infrastructure and Building projects, Home ownership.

Our intention is to go ahead of you to acquire expanse of land in different strategic locations across Nigeria, remove all the impediments that pose challenges to so many, manage all the processes and invite you to come invest in peace.